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Genuine Ford C-Max Vehicle Securities

6 Vehicle Securities found

  • Ford C-Max Vehicle Security system - DM5Z-19A361-B


    Your Price: $166.77

    Retail Price: $207.61

    You Save: $40.84

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    • Protect your investment in your vehicle and its contents with this state-of-the-art security system. It includes an advanced two-step perimeter alarm that gives a Real Panic Sound if security is threatened, or a warning chirp for smaller, potentially non-threatening impacts.
    • Dome lights are activated for illuminated entry/exit.
    • For vehicles equipped with factory keyless entry.
    • Includes a Lifetime Limited Warranty on parts (contact dealer for complete details).
    • Dealer installation recommended.
  • Ford C-Max Vehicle Security System;Ford Perimeter Plus - GJ5Z-19A361-A


    Your Price: $159.50

    Retail Price: $198.57

    You Save: $39.07

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    • Upgradeable to Remote Start Systems.Escape: With Auto Temp.
    • Perimeter Plus Remote Start Vehicle Security module adds an effective layer of anti-theft protection to your Ford vehicle. This new accessory contains features not available from the factory and is specifically designed to protect against the theft of contents and accessories in your vehicle.
    • No cut, no splice vehicle integration.
    • Adjustable, 2-stage shock/impact sensor.
    • Arms and disarms with the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons on the factory key, door-mounted keypad or with ignition key ON.
    • Upgrade to One-Way or Bi-Directional remote start.
    • Upgrade to Remote Access.
    • May qualify for insurance discounts.

    Product Specifications

    Ford Perimeter Plus
  • Ford C-Max Vehicle Security System;Upgrade-able, Bi-Directional Remote Start Antenna Kit - DL3Z-15603-C


    • Required for ALL Remote Start Upgrade Applications

    Product Specifications

    Upgrade-able, Bi-Directional Remote Start Antenna Kit
  • Ford C-Max Vehicle Security Systems;Ford Perimeter Plus - JJ5Z-19A361-A


    Your Price: $188.76

    Retail Price: $235.00

    You Save: $46.24

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    • Use your factory key fobs to arm and disarm, helps provide contents protection too
    • When there’s sufficient impact to the glass or a body panel, the 2-stage shock sensor determines whether to issue a warning chirp or full alarm
    • When activated by your Ford Dealer, the Basic Remote Start System is also included; start your vehicle from up to 300’ away
    • Parking lights remain on during remote start so you know the engine is idling
    • Run time and other features are easily programmed through the vehicle’s driver information center

    Product Specifications

    Ford Perimeter Plus
  • Ford C-Max Remote Access - DL3Z-19A390-B



    • Requires Vehicle Security Kit 19A361 at an additional cost.
    • Use your smartphone to start, lock, unlock or find your vehicle from nearly anywhere with this ingenious App. An optional security feature detects shocks and impacts while alerting you of possible thefts via text or email.
    • Covered under your New Vehicle Warranty when installed at time of purchase
    • Requires annual data plan
  • Ford C-Max Vehicle Security System;Optional LED Kit - DM5Z-19D596-A


    • For Use with Upgradeable Vehicle Security System
    • Requires Scaleable Vehicle Security System Plug N Play Base Module
    • Available for kits with VSS function activated

    Product Specifications

    Optional LED Kit