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About Ford Bronco II

The Ford Bronco II, as a compact 2-door four-wheel-drive Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), was produced by the great American multinational automaker Ford Motor Company from 1983 to 1990. Its name derived from previous versions of the Bronco and it was based on the Ford Ranger pickup truck to compete with the Chevy S10 Blazer compact SUV. After being manufactured for about seven years, the Ford Bronco II was finally replaced by the Ford Explorer due to it had some safety controversies. 
The Ford Bronco II made its debut in March 1983 and it came with the rear-wheel drive and optional four-wheel drive. There were four trim levels available: base, XL, sportier XLS and XLT. An Eddie Bauer edition was also offered which included higher quality upholstery and special badging. For the 1989 model year, it was restyled. During its life, the Ford Bronco II had been powered by a 2.8 L Cologne V6 engine which could produce anywhere between 90 and 115 horsepower, a 2.9 L Cologne V6 fuel injected engine cranking out 140 horsepower and a 2.3 L turbodiesel inline 4-cylinder engine making 86 horsepower. These engines were fitted along with either 4-speed, 5-speed manual transmissions or 3-speed, 4-speed automatic transmissions.

Ford Bronco II Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As a maneuverable and capable off-roader, the Ford Bronco II manages to make itself more of a family car than a specialized off-road vehicle. So, if you also have a Ford Bronco II for family use, then you are advised to be prepared for these common problems in advance: 
First, engine failure. This is an unavoidable issue when your vehicle is going downhill. It is certain that another possibility is that some auto parts related to engine wear out prematurely. According to Ford Bronco II drivers, the engine failure would manifest as strange noises from the engine, running roughly even misfiring or backfiring engine, which also got the vehicle into starting troubles such as hard starting or inability to start. Engine performance also decreased considerably. Once, the Check Engine Light in your Ford Bronco II comes on and you feel a loss of power while driving or excessive oil consumption, you had better get the spark plug, oxygen sensors, throttle cable, oil filter, air filter and timing belt tensioner inspected thoroughly. 
Second, suspension failures. You may notice that you could sit comfortably and steadily when the vehicle is moving. In fact, all these rely on a well-functioning suspension system. Some owners said as the accumulation of mileage, parts in the system may start to wear and cause some unpleasant results. Not alone the annoying noises and excessive car vibrations, you may also feel harder to control the vehicle as it may tilt and has a looser steering wheel. All these could be attributed to the defective drive shaft, wheel bearing, shock absorber, steering knuckle and sway bar bushing. 
However, maintenance on your vehicle will be an inevitable task for you to complete no matter you want to keep it in the best shape all the time or try lengthening its life expectancy. What I want to remind you is that some auto parts could not last as long as the vehicle could, so you need to pay more attention and spend more time or energy on them. The windshield wipers or wiper blades are usually made of soft rubber, a kind of consuming material that could not last for long, but always works under adverse conditions to sway its blades back and forth to offer better visibility to drivers. Can you deny its significance? You had better get it swapped out once half a year for your driving safety. Other parts such as headlights, fog lights and seat belts deserve such similar treatment. 
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