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About Ford E-150

Ford E-150, also known as Ford Econoline 150 or Ford Club Wagon 150, as a full-size van, was produced by the great American multinational automaker Ford Motor Company from 1961 to 2014 for North American market. Being the member of exceptional second longest-produced E-Series, Ford E-150 along with its cousins in this series was introduced to replace the Ford F-Series panel van for the 1961 model year. What a pity that Ford E-150 along with the whole E-Series was replaced by the Ford Transit in 2013 in North America. But before that, Ford E-150 had been manufactured through four generations.
The third-generation Ford E-150 (1975-1991) was based on an all-new chassis and became first American manufactured full-size van that adopted body-on-frame construction. As a regular-length passenger wagon, Ford E-150 was offered in Base, XL, XLT trim levels. And it was powered by 4.2 L V8, 4.9 L V6, 5.0 L, 5.8 L and 7.5 L V8 engines and these engines were paired with the 3-speed manual and automatic, 4-speed manual and automatic as well as 5-speed manual transmissions. Then the fourth-generation Ford E-150 (1992-2014) got a major upgrade. Trim levels were carried over from the third generation, but 4.2 L V6 engine was dropped and the 4.6 L V8 cranking out 225 horsepower and 286 pound-feet of torque became standard engine. Moreover, other engines basically retained but only a 4-speed and a 5-speed automatic transmission were available.

Ford E-150 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As a full-size van, Ford E-150 is very suitable for big families. However, if your whole big family is in your Ford E-150, you need to be prepared in advance about how to diagnose and solve common problems in time in case any injuries or causalities:
First, engine and suspension failures. Engine failure is not rare to see on a vehicle so long as the vehicle has mileage to run, without exception for Ford E-150. Some enthusiasts said that whining noise from the engine is actually a sign warning you of engine issues. Moreover, engine gradually runs roughly even dirt, grime and carbon deposit will be found inside the walls of the throttle body and even intrigues electrical problems. Decreased engine performance and excess oil consumption are also warning you to inspect the E-150 fuel pump, throttle body, oil filter and fuel filter. Suspension failure in Ford E-150 could be basically attributed to coil springs.
Second, transmission and braking failures. Transmission failure seems to be an unavoidable issue on Ford models including Ford E-150. The main symptoms of this issue would include indicator does not match the gear, the vehicle starts another gear or refuses to go into gear; more serious is difficulty shifting gears or transmission slippage. The reasons always lie in defective shift cable and automatic transmission filter. Braking failure could be attached to more importance in Ford E-150, as many drivers have encountered that traction control systems malfunctioned, noisy and poorly responded brakes as well as leaking brake fluids. You are advised to always keep your E-150 brake controller, brake disc and brake caliper repair kit in fine condition.
A successful driving trip needs every part in Ford E-150 reacts with each other perfectly, which means every part should work properly all the time. However, some parts could not endure wear for that long, which means you need to perform routine maintenance. Some electrical parts such as mirror switch, door lock cylinder, A/C switch and rear door striker will fail easily due to a high frequency of usages. So, please remember to maintain them on a regular basis.
Another step you should never forget is to get OEM Ford E-150 auto parts when in need of new parts if you treasure your Ford E-150 enough. Aftermarket parts generally have less assurance than OEM ones. You have no need to take the risk and waste your money and time, you can select freely from the massive collection of genuine Ford E-150 auto parts at the lowest price online from These OEM E-150 parts are definitely in high specification and quality and could last for a long time as they are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.