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About Ford E-150 Club Wagon

Similarly belonging to the long-existing and famous Ford E-Series, Ford E-150 Club Wagon was built by the great American multinational automaker Ford Motor Company between 2002 and 2005 as a full-size van. Just like other members of this lineup, E-150 Club Wagon was also introduced to take the place of the Ford E-150 Econoline Club Wagon, which dropped its Econoline nomenclature for the 2001 model year. E-150 Club Wagon could be regarded as the fourth-generation E-Series and it was only manufactured for one generation before it along with the whole E-Series was replaced by Ford Transit.
Ford E-150 Club Wagon made its debut in 2002 for the 2003 model year as a redesigned van. It was offered in two body styles: passenger van and cargo van but was available in a 3/4-door van. And E-150 Club Wagon came in several trim levels: base XL, mid-level XLT and luxury-oriented Chateau. During its whole lifetime, E-150 Club Wagon was built at the Ford VN platform and received an update in 2003. It received a larger grille with Ford emblem being centered in a 3-slot grille in between two openings, amber front turn signals and exterior facelift. Back then, Ford E-150 Club Wagon was powered by engines ranging from 7.3 L V8 turbodiesel to 6.8 L V10 and engines sent power through 4-speed, 5-speed and 6-speed automatic transmissions.

Ford E-150 Club Wagon Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As a full-size van, Ford E-150 Club Wagon is very suitable for carrying both passenger and cargo, and therefore, it is very popular among big families and small business. But as time passes by, you still be alert about these common problems on E-150 Club Wagon:
First, engine failure along with cooling system failure could be counted as the most serious issue that Ford E-150 Club Wagon drivers could ever meet during driving. Every driver knows that once the engine has something wrong, it is bad enough; but once the cooling system fails as well, then it is a disaster. If your E-150 Club Wagon could stand the squealing noises from the engine, leaking oil on the ground; then it absolutely could not withstand the consistent roughly-running engine. You can imagine, the engine stalls intermittently, stays at a high operation temperature, suffers from starting issues such as hard starting and inability to start and consumes excessive oil. After a long time, your vehicle's lifespan will be shortened and loses power while acceleration. In case your vehicle breaks down prematurely, please inspect the E-150 Club Wagon water pump, water pump gasket, serpentine belt, thermostat, thermostat gasket, intake manifold gasket and head gasket thoroughly once the Check Engine Light and Low Coolant Light come on.
Second, for any vehicle including Ford E-150 Club Wagon, the braking system is definitely one of the most important systems. But many E-150 Club Wagon drivers found that braking failure is a common problem with it. In case it results in fatal and irreversible results, you are supposed to learn about these typical symptoms of it. For example, noisy and poorly-responded brakes, leaking brake fluids on the ground, pulsation brake pedal, locked-up rear braking and lit Brake Warning Light and Parking Brake Light. All these symptoms could be solved by replacing the E-150 Club Wagon brake line, brake pad, brake disc, brake drum, brake proportioning valve and parking brake cable.
If you perform routine maintenance on vulnerable auto parts on Ford E-150 Club Wagon well, then you not only have less possibility to meet fatal accidents but also have a long-lived E-150 Club Wagon. But all these require your diligent maintenance on parts such as seat belt, windshield wiper, wiper blade, fog light, headlight, temperature sender, antenna and cabin air filter to achieve as they all play important roles in creating safe and comfortable driving trip and work under harsh conditions all the time.
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