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About Ford E-250

The Ford E-250, also known as Ford Econoline E-250, as a full-size van, was produced by the great American multinational automaker Ford Motor Company from 1961 to 2014 for North American market. It was an irreplaceable member of the long-lasting and great Ford E-Series or Ford Club Wagon. Along with other models in E-Series, the Ford E-250 was designed to replace the Ford F-Series panel van but got replaced by the Ford Transit in North America after being manufactured for four generations in 2014. 
When the third-generation model (1975-1991) was introduced, it was a completely different can from previous generations as it put the body-on-frame construction to use, which made it the first full-size van with this configuration in America and it shared drivetrain with the F-Series. So, the Ford E-250 then was powered by the 3.9 L, 4.9 L inline 6-cylinder, 4.9 L, 5.8 L, 7.5 L, 6.9 L and 7.3 L V8 engines, all these engines were paired with 3-speed, 4-speed, 5-speed manual, 3-speed, 4-speed automatic transmissions. Then the fourth-generation model (1992-2014) was offered in Base, XL, XLT and Chateau trim levels in both cargo and passenger configurations. During this generation, the Ford E-250 got more engine options. Besides the 4.9 L inline 6-cylinder, 4.9 L, 5.8 L, 7.5 L, 7.3 L V8 engines retained from the previous generation, it also was pushed by 4.2 L V6, 4.6 L, 5.4 L, 6.0 L V8 and 6.8 L V10 engines. But available transmissions were only 4-speed or 5-speed automatic transmission.

Ford E-250 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Full-size van is very practical in loading or transporting goods for sale, and that is why the Ford E-250 is pretty popular among vendors, caterers or people with big family. However, as time passes by, no matter how tough it was, problems, as follows, would emerge gradually: 
First, engine failure. To be honest, this issue is not only common on the Ford E-250 but also common on any ordinary vehicles when they are about to expire. What you should know is that some auto parts may lead to engine failure, you should focus on these parts in your Ford E-250. According to some experienced drivers, once the oil cooler fails, the oil or coolant may leak into each other, which will result in oil system or cooling system dysfunctions together. And broken intake manifold would make the engine overheats constantly and decrease engine performance so that decrease in power, acceleration and fuel efficiency happens, or bad oxygen sensor may activate the Check Engine Light. Thus, once you feel your engine works not as usual, you could inspect these parts to confirm if they cause the failure first. 
Second, suspension failure. A comfortable and steady driving trip depends on a properly working suspension system in the vehicle. Some owners expressed their concern about the suspension system as they could feel intense car vibrations and hear abnormal noises such as clunking, rattling or scraping from underneath the vehicle while driving. These symptoms are impossible to make a perfect driving experience, not to mention the sluggish response in handling adds the likelihood of fatal accidents. Thus, once similar signs appear on your vehicle, you are advised to inspect if the drive shaft is in good order or not. 
If you are a qualified Ford E-250 owner, you must know the significance of routine maintenance. First to know is what parts need routine maintenance. Electrical parts will wear and tear quickly or slowly based on the frequency of usage but they are consuming goods ultimately, so routine maintenance on them is essential. The instrument cluster, speedometer, door lock cylinder, window switch and A/C switch should be on this list. 
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