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About Ford EXP

The Ford EXP, as a sports compact coupe, was produced by the great American multinational automaker Ford Motor Company from 1982 to 1988 model years for the North American market. Introduced along with its variant Mercury LN7, the Ford EXP shared a wheelbase and powertrain with the Ford Escort but was positioned as a more expensive, sportier vehicle with more standard equipment. Due to the sales of the EXP not being as estimated, it could not deliver enough performance and rising insurance rates on two-seater cars, the Ford EXP was replaced by the Ford Probe after being manufactured through two generations. 
The first-generation model (1982-1985) made its debut at the 1981 Chicago Auto Show as a 1982 model. Available as a 3-door hatchback with a lift-up hatch, the Ford EXP was also equipped with power brakes, full instrumentation, full carpeting, electric back window defroster, power hatch back release, a digital clock and a cargo area security shade. It was powered by the 1.6 L CVH inline 4-cylinder engine and this engine was paired with a 4-speed, 5-speed manual and a 3-speed automatic transmission. Due to stout competition pressure from other sports cars, the second-generation model (1985-1988) released Luxury Coupe and Sport Coupe models. Meanwhile, at that time, the Ford EXP was powered by a 1.9 L CVH inline 4-cylinder engine rated at 90 horsepower and this engine sent power through still the 4-speed, 5-speed manual and 3-speed automatic transmission.

Ford EXP Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

If you still own a Ford EXP, then it must almost have not less than thirty years old, which is not a prime period for it. And since you love your car so much, then you must have the interest in these common problems on it: 
First, suspension failure. Suspension failure won't cause drivability issue under normal conditions, but it would affect the driving experience a lot and sometimes even result in fatal consequences. According to some drivers, as the accumulation of mileage, they could hear the rattling or squeaking noises from underneath the vehicle louder and louder, which causes uneven tire wear and tilting vehicle. Bouncing and sluggish response in handling because of a loose steering wheel as well as longer stopped time exert potential dangers while driving. So, once your vehicle also has these symptoms, the sway bar bushing, drive shaft, shock absorber and sway bar link need a thorough inspection. 
Second, transmission and engine failures. Transmission failure in the Ford EXP often manifests as difficulty shifting gears, vehicle jumping in and out of the four-wheel drive and grinding noises coming from underneath the vehicle, you often could find the defective transfer case and motor and transmission mount to take the responsibility for these symptoms. As for engine failure, you should take care that if ticking or clanking noise from the cylinder head, decreased gas mileage and worse engine performance such as a lack of acceleration power and starting issues. These symptoms are often caused by the rocker arm, timing belt tensioner, air filter and piston ring set. 
However, in order to sustain your vehicle for a longer time, you should perform routine maintenance to achieve this. Some auto parts in it could not last as long as it could after all. Fog light bulb is responsible for lighting up the road ahead and warning others on the road of your presence under conditions such as dense fog or hazy and so on. But it could get damaged easily, so for your driving safety, please maintain it on a regular basis. Other parts such as speedometer, instrument cluster, wiper arm, headlight, fog light, door handle, windshield wiper and so on should be on your routine maintenance list as well. 
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