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About Ford F-350

The Ford F-350, as a light-duty pickup truck, has been produced by the great American multinational automaker Ford Motor Company since 1953. The first Ford F-350 derived from the F4. Earlier years, Ford F-Series truck lineup consists of the light-duty and Super Duty lineup, but since 1999, the Super Duty lineup got separate from F-Series and became an independent lineup. So, in some sense, the Ford F-350 had been manufactured from 1953 to 1999 through nine generations. And during its long lifespan, the Ford F-350 along with its other cousins has been the best-selling pickup trucks in America. 
The eighth-generation model (1987-1991) weighed one ton but had the max towing capability of 11,000 lb built as a chassis cab model. Like others in the F-Series, the Ford F-350 was also available in trim levels including Custom, XL, XLT Lariat and Nite. As a four-wheel drive pickup truck equipped with leaf springs and a solid Dana 60 axle, the Ford F-350 was powered by engines ranging from 5.8 L V8 to 7.5 L V8 with fuel injector mated to 3-speed, 4-speed automatic and 4-speed, 5-speed manual transmissions. Then the ninth-generation model (1991-1999) received a major upgrade and added SVT Lightning and 4x4 Offroad trim levels. Before it was replaced by the Ford F-350 Heavy Duty, the Ford F-350 had been having similar powertrain retained from the previous generation.

Ford F-350 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Slotting above F-250 pickup and below the F450 pickup, and F450 and F550 chassis cabs, the Ford F-350 is a perfect pickup truck suitable for family use or small-scale commercial use. However, no matter how robust it was built, as the accumulation of mileage, these problems will still arise: 
First, engine failure. Based on the complaints collected by the car repair statistics site, this issue is the most complained about. For your reference, many experienced drivers put forward signs of this problem. First, they could smell a burning oil odor in the cabin and find a puddle of oil on the ground. Then the engine started to go downhill and overheating due to leaking coolant deteriorate this situation. In the end, the engine may misfire and reduce in performance. In general, once the Check Engine Light and Low Coolant Light in your vehicle come on and hesitant acceleration and poor gas mileage emerge along, you are advised to inspect the valve cover gasket, exhaust manifold, radiator, fuel filter, and oil filter thoroughly. 
Second, suspension and braking failures. A fine suspension system is undeniably critical for a comfortable and steady driving trip. However, some drivers complained it is not a very comfortable trip in the vehicle after a while of driving. The clunking noises keep coming from underneath the vehicle, the vehicle starts to tilt to one side due to uneven tire wear, and it is harder to control the vehicle because of excessive vibrations and loose steering wheel. Normally, the coil springs, steering wheel, drive shaft and ball joint are the culprits. As for braking failure, it often shows as squishy or squealing brakes, you could let the brake dust shield and brake backing plate to take the responsibility. 
Door handles in your Ford F-350 may get ignored unless you could not pull it open to let you in or out easily. But in fact, it is subject to wear and tear after long-term exposure to usage. Thus, you are supposed to perform routine maintenance on it. Headlight plays an important role in offering excellent visibility especially under adverse conditions and wheel seal is the crucial part of making sure a smooth ride. Always bear in mind that routine maintenance on them is essential not only for your Ford F-350's longer lifespan but also for your driving safety. 
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