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About Ford Freestar

The Ford Freestar, as a minivan, was produced by the great American multinational automaker Ford Motor Company from 2004 to 2007. Originally known as Ford Windstar until the 2004 model year, the Ford Freestar was a rebadged version of Windstar. Although it was replaced by the Ford Transit, Ford Transit Connect Wagon and Ford Flex eventually, the 2005 Ford Freestar scored second place in J.D. Power's Vehicle Dependability Study in 2009 and received a "Good" rating in IIHs' crash test. 
The Ford Freestar made its debut for the 2004 model year in the North American market and was offered in three trim levels: base, SE, SEL, Sport, and Limited as a seven-passenger minivan. It featured a heavier-duty drive axle, larger wheel bearings and standard four-wheel disc brakes. Among the quietest of any minivan models, the Ford Freestar was equipped with thick front side windows, a noise-absorbing dashboard panel and conformable constrained layer damping, a method of blocking road noise. Two engines were offered. A 3.9 L V6 that could produce 193 horsepower and 240 pound-feet of torque and a 4.2 L V6 engine that could produce 201 horsepower and 263 pound-feet of torque were its power sources. And both engines were paired with a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Ford Freestar Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Safety is a feature that should not be ignored on the Ford Freestar, at the same time, it is perfect for contractors needing a light-duty hauler. Mothers also like it. However, it always has the shortcomings such as sluggish acceleration, dismal fuel economy, ungainly handling and an unimpressive cabin. Thus, you need to pay more attention to these common problems: 
First, transmission failure without warning. Surprisingly, transmission issue is the most and worst reported problems with the Ford Freestar according to the data collected from car repair statistics site Ford Freestar drivers complained the problem often appeared when the vehicle reached at about 100,000 miles. Most owners described the symptoms of this issue include difficulty shifting gears, indicator did not match the gear they were in or vehicle started in another gear or refused to go into any gear. Meanwhile, they could hear squealing noises and the sometimes transmission slipped. To sum up, you could inspect the shift cable, flywheel, clutch disc and transfer case seal thoroughly now. 
Second, engine failure is an issue that some vehicles will face. Some drivers are kind enough to offer the main signs of this issue for more owners' reference. Normally, you could hear loud knocking sound from engine and see white or grey smoke from the exhaust pipe first, then the engine gradually performs badly. Misfiring, backfiring or even stalling abruptly while driving. At the same time, overheating due to leaking coolant would often deteriorate this situation. At last, you may realize the fuel efficiency became worse, hesitant acceleration and Check Engine Light is activated. Before the engine fails completely, you are supposed to keep the rod bearing, piston ring set, thermostat and thermostat gasket in good order all the time. 
What you should always keep in mind is that routine maintenance on your Ford Freestar is essential for its long lifespan. Knowing what parts in it need routine maintenance could save you a lot of energy and time. Electrical parts are easy to wear out due to frequency of usage, so the window switch and temperature sender should be maintained more often. Parts such as antenna and antenna cable are responsible for creating a relaxing driving environment, but they are always exposed to open environment, so maintenance on them is also needed. 
An undeniable fact is that OEM Ford Freestar parts and accessories are perfect in precise fitment and optimum performance. That is why you should choose them for your vehicle. is dedicated to offering a wide selection of genuine Ford Freestar parts at the lowest price online. For your shopping confidence, these original parts and Ford Freestar accessories are also covered by the manufacturer's warranty.