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About Ford LTD Crown Victoria

The Ford LTD Crown Victoria, as a full-size vehicle, was produced by the great American multinational automaker Ford Motor Company from 1978 to 1991. Introduced as the flagship of the Ford LTD range for the 1980 model year, Ford LTD Crown Victoria was marketed as the counterpart of the Mercury Grand Marquis to replace the Ford LTD. Primarily used by police and taxi fleets, Ford LTD Crown Victoria gave up its prefix LTD in the 1992 and got replaced by the Ford Crown Victoria eventually. 
Built on the reliable Ford Pathfinder platform, the Ford LTD Crown Victoria made its debut as a 2-door coupe, 4-door sedan and station wagon in North American market. It came with several trim levels: S for fleet and police sales, the standard for retail markets, LX for the Interior Luxury Package. Featured a crested hood ornament and a live rear axle suspension and double wishbone independent front suspension, the Ford LTD Crown Victoria was powered by either a 4.9 L Windsor V8 engine or a 5.8 L V8 engine and engines sent power through a 4-speed automatic transmission to the rear wheels.

Ford LTD Crown Victoria Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

The Ford LTD Crown Victoria is very suitable for being used as a family vehicle or commuting vehicle. But due to these two kinds of usages, the Ford LTD Crown Victoria is easier to be exposed to a high frequency of using. In this way, these common problems may arise prematurely: 
First, electrical issue. This is the worst problem on the Ford LTD Crown Victoria based on the complaints collected from real owners. It is quite normal as some electrical parts are vulnerable due to long-term exposure to usages. Door lock actuator is responsible for preventing thieves from stealing your vehicle; oxygen sensor is used for measuring the oxygen level in the exhaust gases exiting the engine, and the speedometer is the part that could tell what your precise speed is so that you could adjust your speed freely. All these electrical parts in your vehicle are used frequently and you need to pay more attention to them. 
Second, engine failure. This is an unavoidable problem when your Ford LTD Crown Victoria is on the verge of breaking down. Thus, we only talk about premature engine failure. According to experienced drivers, this issue would first show these symptoms. Whining or rattling sound from the engine, roughly running, misfiring even stalling engine and a performance-reduced engine is what you get. If you notice that the vehicle would lose power while acceleration and it is gulping oil, much more than usual or it suffers from starting issues such as hard starting or inability to start, meanwhile, the Check Engine Light is also illuminated, then you had better inspect the spark plug, air filter, oil filter, fuel pump, fuel tank and fuel injector immediately. 
For a qualified and responsible owner, routine maintenance is an indispensable task to complete. The first task to complete is, of course, to learn about what parts of it need routine maintenance as it is assembled by so many different auto parts. The windshield wiper is comprised of soft rubber, which could only last for years not forever. But it undertakes the responsibility of clearing off debris on the windscreen so that driving vision won't get blocked. Replacing it every six to twelve months is a smart move for your driving safety. Other parts such as cabin air filter, fog light, headlight, and antenna are also significant in creating a comfortable and safe driving environment, thus, routine maintenance on them is also essential. 
Choosing OEM Ford LTD Crown Victoria parts and accessories as replacements is an effective way to extend your vehicle's lifespan. is a perfect online store for you as it covers a complete catalog of genuine Ford LTD Crown Victoria parts at the lowest prices online. Original parts and Ford LTD Crown Victoria accessories are backed by the manufacturer’s warranty and are delivered fast directly to your front door.