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About Ford Probe

Ford Probe, as a liftback coupe, was produced by the great American multinational automaker Ford Motor Company from 1989 to 1997. As a compact sports car, Ford Probe was introduced in 1989 to replace the Ford EXP for North American market. Built at the Mazda G-platform and designed based on the Mazda MX-6 sport compact coupe, Ford Probe was intended to compete with the Acura Integra, Nissan 200SX and Toyota Celica in North America. Although only being manufactured for about eight years through two generations, Ford Probe had been Motor Trend Magazine's Car of the Year, on Car and Driver Magazine's Ten Best List and recommended by Consumer Reports and so on.
The first-generation Ford Probe (1989-1992) made its debut in 1988 for the 1989 model year. The American version of Ford Probe was offered in base GL, mid-level LX and top-of-the-line GT trim levels. During this generation, it was powered by a 2.2 L I4 engine rated at 110 horsepower and 130 pound-feet of torque, a 2.2 L I4 turbocharged engine producing 145 horsepower and 190 pound-feet of torque and a 3.0 L V6 engine cranking out 140-145 horsepower. All these engines were paired with either a 4-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual transmission. Then the second-generation Ford Probe (1993-1997) received a complete redesign. Back then, it was available in Base, SE (Sport Edition) and GT trim levels as well as GT Plus and GTS appearance packages. 2.0 L I4 and 5.5 L V6 engine mated to the 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission were available powertrains.

Ford Probe Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Though Ford builds Ford Probe with toughest and finest quality auto parts that could withstand for many years to come, these auto parts will still give in after years of operation. And once wearing starts, these problems will come along on Ford Probe:
Frist, engine problems. This issue is well-known by almost every driver, so is Ford Probe drivers. At the car repair statistics site, this issue ranked first for multiple times. According to Ford Probe's description about this problem as squealing or whining noises from the engine, the engine being in rough idle, vehicle suffering from starting issues and poor engine performance. Meanwhile, the overheating caused by leaking coolant and low coolant levels deteriorate engine so that when they are trying acceleration, they could feel a loss of power. Once you also notice your Ford Probe is consuming excessive oil and the Check Engine Light is activated, you really should get the timing belt, EGR valve, water pump and cylinder head gasket checked.
Second, braking and suspension failures. When you meet some emergencies when driving on the road, a properly working braking system could be your lifesaver. However, some Ford Probe complained that after a while of driving, they could hear brakes squealing when pressing the brake pedal, which also became spongy. Normally, the brake pad set and brake disc could be the culprits. The specific symptoms of suspension failure in Ford Probe include clunking noises from underneath the vehicle, uneven tire wear, poor handling due to the steering wheel and intense car vibration. You should pay more attention to the condition of your Probe sway bar link, wheel bearing and sway bar bushing.
For your Ford Probe's longer lifespan, you should be aware of the routine maintenance is indispensable. Some auto parts in it could not last as long as the vehicle could, windshield wiper is used for cleaning off debris on the windshield to offer excellent driving visibility, but it is made out of rubber. So, replacing it every six to twelve months could be a wise move. Other parts such as headlight, fog light, seat belt and emblem should get routine maintenance on a regular basis as well.
An undeniable fact is that OEM Ford Probe auto parts have greater assurance in quality, reliability and durability than aftermarket parts. If you could find the lowest-priced genuine Ford Probe auto parts from online store, you won't take a risk, right? Our OEM Probe parts are covered by manufacturer's warranty, hassle-free return policy and quickest delivery service, you can start your shopping now with the fullest confidence!