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About Ford Tempo

The Ford Tempo, as a compact vehicle, was produced by the great American multinational automaker Ford Motor Company from 1983 to 1994. Available as a 2-door coupe and 4-door sedan, the Ford Tempo was introduced as the successor to the Ford Fairmont and competitor to Chrysler "K-cars", Chevrolet Corsica and Dodge Spirit/Plymouth Acclaim. Born to respond the rejuvenation plan of offering more environmentally friendly, fuel efficient and more modern styled models, the Ford Tempo was replaced by the Ford Contour and Ford Taurus in 1995 after being manufactured through two generations. 
The first-generation model (1984-1987) made its debut in 1983 as a 1984 model. It was Ford's first compact car downsizing and was offered in trim levels including entry-level L, mid-level GL, luxury LX (replacing the GLX), luxury GLX and AWD. During this generation, the Ford Tempo was powered by a 2.0 L diesel and 2.3 L gasoline engines and these engines were paired with the 3-speed automatic, 4-speed and 5-speed manual transmissions. The second-generation model (1988-1994) received a major redesign in 1988. Besides the entry-level L, mid-level GL, AWD, luxury LX trim levels carried over from the previous generation, it also got a performance-oriented model GLS. As a 4-door sedan, the Ford Tempo still got power from engines from previous generation, but these engines were mounted to the 3-speed automatic and 5-speed manual transmissions.

Ford Tempo Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

No matter how tough the Ford Tempo was built, as time passes by, some auto parts will wear and tear with time. Once wearing process starts, problems will also arise along. You are advised to learn about these common problems on your Ford Tempo just in case: 
First, intense vibration. At the car repair statistics site, this issue was the most reported about the Ford Tempo. To be honest, if you have little knowledge reverse about the vehicle, you would know it is the suspension system that goes wrong. Some kind drivers also offered some signs for new drivers' reference. They told that this issue would start with clunking sound from underneath the vehicle, then vehicle tilted to one side due to uneven tire wear. In the end, the handling always became tougher as excessive vibration and loose steering wheel. If your vehicle is also experiencing these symptoms, inspecting the shock absorber, wheel bearing, sway bar link and steering knuckle is a wise action. 
Second, stalls out while driving and oil leaking. These two issues ranked second and third at the and they appear almost at the same time when the vehicle reached about 100,000 miles. It is very likely that some engine parts have worn out if these symptoms arise. Drivers also said that at first, they could hear a strange sound from the engine, and then the engine started to run roughly, stalled or even misfired. They also complained that they had to add oil more often because the vehicle seemed to gulp oil. Once you also notice the engine performance reduces a lot and even Check Engine Light is activated, you had better get the spark plug, air filter, timing belt, oil filter and oxygen sensor. 
In order to sustain your Ford Tempo for a longer time, you are supposed to perform routine maintenance on auto parts in it. Windshield wipers are parts that deserve routine maintenance as it they are often made of soft rubber but always works under harsh conditions. For your driving safety in adverse weather conditions, you have to make sure they’re working properly all the time. So, replacing them every six to twelve months is fine. 
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