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Lincoln: Luxury Subsidiary of Ford Motor Company

Lincoln Motor Company, also known simply as Lincoln, is the division of the American multinational automobile manufacturer Ford Motor Company. Found by the Cadillac co-founder Henry M. Leland in 1917 and named it after former U.S. president Abraham Lincoln. During the early 1920s, Lincoln suffered from severe financial issues, thus, it has been a subsidiary of Ford since 1922. Focus on building upscale vehicles with additional luxury features, more powerful engines and unique styling, Lincoln's lineup includes cars, pickups and SUVs. It even has been chosen as the private car of American presidents since 1939 Franklin D. Roosevelt due to Lincoln's excellent performance, elegant shape and unbeatable comfort. It is hard to believe that starting with producing aircraft engine, Lincoln will eventually make itself a powerful luxury vehicle brand worldwide.

Crafting the Language of Design into a Bold Statement

As the founder of Lincoln was sticking to the concept of engineering precision, which succeeded to achieve interchangeability from car to car. And this concept helped it to win the Dewar Trophy for automotive achievement. During the World War I, Lincoln produced the Liberty V12 aircraft engines for military use. Through the cooperation with dozens of coachbuilders during the 1920s and early 1930s, Lincoln created multiple custom built vehicles. And then in 1924, when large touring sedans began to be used by police department around the country, Lincoln also offered such vehicle types with four-wheel brakes, two years before they were introduced on private sale vehicles, bulletproof windshields measuring 7/8 of an inch thick and spot lights mounted on the ends of the windshield, automatic windshield wiper, and police whistles. Gradually, Lincoln adopted the unibody construction and experienced the first downsizing. To respond the fuel crisis of 1973, it entered the compact segment for the first time. Meanwhile, it used first fuel-injected V8 engine and overdrive automatic transmission and first overhead-cam eight-cylinder V8 engine as an American car. Nowadays, Lincoln adopts more designs full of humanity. The auto hold system enables drivers to relax by taking the legwork out of stop and go traffic, perfect position seat could cater occupants' seating needs more precisely, REVEL audio system makes you enjoy your riding, and the 22-way multi-contour seating could rejuvenate you on any road.

Popular Models

Lincoln had found its niche in the luxury vehicle segment as early as 1930s and during this time, it launched a popular sleek Zephyr powered by an express diesel engine that boasted record-setting speed, it increased Lincoln's sales nearly ninefold. Continental is a model that has experienced several different time periods. Continental's vertical externally mounted rear tire become its distinctive feature that has appeared for decades. The Continental Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV, Mark VII are all popular luxury vehicles. The Navigator as the first sport utility vehicle (SUV) has been produced since 1997 met with a positive reception in the market. Then the Aviator was introduced and styled like a scaled-down version of the Navigator and competed with the Mercury Mountaineer. Town Car (1981-2011) continues as the premium sedan when the Continental name ultimate retired in 2002. And the LS (2000-2006) as a mid-size executive sedan is also a very popular model that has earned many awards. MKZ as the successor of LS, and three crossover utility vehicles MKC, MKT, and MKX as well as two vehicles specifically for limousine/livery use based on the MKT are all excellent models.

Lincoln Parts

No matter how tough your Lincoln vehicles were built, the auto parts on it eventually fail, and it is very dangerous to drive a car with defective auto parts. In order to keep your car in the best shape and for your driving safety, you had better replace your failed auto parts in time. Compared to aftermarket parts, you can try where has an extensive selection of all OEM Lincoln parts for almost every model at the lowest price but with manufacturer's warranty. And all genuine Lincoln parts could be delivered to you at the fastest speed. Why not order now and restore your vehicle to its prime condition in the shortest time?