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About Mercury Colony Park

Serving as the counterpart of the Ford Country Squire, the Mercury Colony Park was built by the great American multinational automaker Ford Motor Company and sold under its entry-level premium brand Mercury, between 1957 and 1991 as a full-size car. Originally introduced to replace the Mercury Monterey station wagon, the Colony Park had been Mercury's top-of-the-line model throughout nearly its entire production life. As the strong competitor to the Chrysler Town & Country, Buick Estate, and the Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser, the production of the Colony Park still ended for 1992 model year due to the increasing popularity of minivans and SUVs after being manufactured for six generations. 
Since most modern drivers only have the last-generation Mercury Colony Park and they have more interest in this one, thus, we will mainly focus on the sixth-generation model. It was produced from 1979 to 1991 based on the Ford Panther platform. Arrived the market with a redesigned appearance for the 1979 model year, the Colony Park was offered in only one body style, 4-door station wagon. It came in several trim levels such as GS and LS. And for the 1988 model year, the Colony Park received a major update and received a driver's side airbag, redesigned instrument panel and dashboard as well as 3-point seatbelts for 1990. During this generation, it was powered by either 4.9 L V8 or 4.8 L V8 and engines sent power through 3-speed or 4-speed automatic transmission.

Mercury Colony Park Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

No matter how tough the Mercury Colony Park was built, you should never ignore that even the newest model is at least twenty-six years old, which is not an optimistic age for a vehicle. Thus, you had better be prepared for these common problems with it: 
First, the engine failure would not be a strange issue on it. In fact, many Mercury Colony Park drivers have truly complained about this problem. The seriousness of engine failure lies on it could destroy the whole vehicle. Therefore, some experienced drivers offer some recognizable and simple symptoms of this problem for your reference. Normally, engine failure starts with strange sounds such as whining, squealing or rattling from the engine, burning oil smell in the compartment and leaking oil on the ground; then it may evolve in the engine running roughly, misfiring, stalling, hard starting and even inability to start. Before the vehicle hesitates while acceleration and stumbles when braking as well as suffers from a poor gas mileage, the Check Engine Light will also come on to warn you to inspect the spark plug, oxygen sensor, air filter, oil filter, fuel pump, engine mount and body control module. 
Second, for a vehicle running for years over all kinds of road conditions, the suspension system must bear all kinds of wears and tears. While suspension system is vital for a comfortable and steady driving trip, under certain circumstances, suspension failure may result in dangers. Thus, these typical symptoms of suspension issue collected from experienced drivers such as strange sounds including clunking or rattling from underneath the vehicle, intense car vibration while driving, swerving or nose diving when braking, unintentional steering, uneven tire wear, tilting vehicle and loose steering wheel. All these could be attributed to the wheel bearing, shock absorber, sway bar bushing, control arm bushing, sway bar link and coil spring insulator. 
Some auto parts of your Mercury Colony Park are bound to be more vulnerable than others due to all kinds of reasons such as fragile materials and harsh working conditions. Maintaining them on a regular basis is a right way to make sure every part of the vehicle performs well. Thus, please add seat belt, windshield wiper, wiper blade, fog light, headlight, antenna and cabin air filter on your routine maintenance list. 
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