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Mercury: Defunct Division of Ford

Mercury as the division of the American multinational automobile manufacturer Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford's son Edsel Ford in 1938. It was regarded as a bridge between the regular Ford models and the luxury Lincoln brands. And its name derived from a mythological Roman god. As the only self-created brand of Ford Motor Company, Mercury was born under a challenge from General Motors and Chrysler Corporation, both of them had a comprehensive line of medium-priced brand. As soon as the first Mercury automobiles were launched, it received welcome and accounted for 2.19% share of the American automobile market. Although, during the World War II, Mercury was forced to be out of production, it became popular again once it got back production. Mercury is always the representative of innovation and rich character.

Ups and Downs

Although Mercury was created as a saver for Ford Motor Company as which was impacted severely by General Motors and Chrysler Corporation both had an advantage in price, it finished its mission well. The initial Mercury Eight made in 1941 shared bodies with Lincoln and Ford vehicles in order to cut cost, which in turn facilitated the sale as the Ford and Lincoln have already had their own popularity. And during the end of the 1950s, Mercury finally became complete different from Lincoln, it did not share the car body with Lincoln anymore. However, because of the economic recession erupted at the late 1950s, many American automobile manufacturers were inflicted hardly including Mercury. During the time, many luxury automobiles started to lower price which brought huge challenges to it as its market location was originally mid-class. The 1970s was still tough for it and until 1980s, it redesigned all models and some models like Grand Marquis had seen a big success. Although at the following years, it remained a rising trend, however, in 21st century, it was announced to stop production as Mercury only occupied 1% of North American automobile market while Ford occupied 16%. Until 2011, it was completely retired from the automobile market.

Popular Models

Although the lifespan of Mercury is not long enough, it still got lots of compliments since its birth. As it was sold at medium price, it was very suitable for those people who is in mid-class that having a family but without a very high salary. It was the right thing appearing at the right time. Many models of Mercury were popular in America. The Grand Marquis was born in 1975 as a slot between the Marquis and Lincoln continent and in 1985,1992,2001 Grand Marquis was continued to be produced even remained a sale success by the end of 1990s, what's more, Grand Marquis as the last Mercury automobile in the brand. Cougar was manufactured in 1967 and remained in production for 34 years and it had devoted a lot to sales of Ford. Marauder replaced the S-55 in 1969 and became a competitor to Oldsmobile Toronado and Buick Riviera but stopped production after 2004. Mountaineer was introduced in 1997 and was famous of introducing the silver "waterfall grill", which became a common style of all models but discontinued production in 2010. The Mariner was launched in 2005 and became the first gasoline-electric hybrid SUV in 2006. Some older models like Comet, Villager, and Capri were also very popular and made their own devotion in history.

Mercury Parts

Belonging to the Ford Motor Company, Mercury never brings disgrace to its father but carries Ford's manufacturing techniques in automobiles and auto parts. Since the production of it has stopped, finding OEM Mercury parts may be a tough task for you, but happens to offer a broad selection of genuine Mercury parts at the lowest price online. You could not only save a lot in purchasing parts but also enjoy repairing pleasure by replacing defective parts by yourself than pay to the costly repair shop. These manufacturer-warrantied OEM Mercury parts cover a wide range from catalytic converter, intake manifold to windshield wiper, window regulator and so on. You can return any order without hassle and get them at your door step in the shortest time as well. So, order now!