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About Mercury Topaz

Serving as the twin of Ford Tempo, Mercury Topaz was built by the great American multinational automaker Ford Motor Company and sold under its entry-level premium brand Mercury, between 1983 and 1994 as a compact vehicle. Originally introduced as the successor of Mercury Zephyr, Topaz was part of a rejuvenation plan by Ford to offer more environmentally friendly, fuel efficient, and more modern styled models to compete with the European and Japanese imports. To meet new safety standards, Ford decided ended the production of Topaz in the 1990s and Topaz was eventually replaced by Mercury Mystique and Mercury Sable after being manufactured for two generations.
The first-generation Mercury Topaz was produced from 1983 to 1987 and went on sale in 1983 as a 1984 model. To respond the equal lengthy Chevrolet Cavalier, Topaz was offered in two body styles, 2-door coupe and 4-door sedan. And it came in several trim levels including base L, GS, GS-AWD, LS, LS-AWD and XR5. And during this generation, Mercury Topaz was powered by 2.0 L I4 and 2.3 L I4, engine sent power through 3-speed automatic, 4-speed and 5-speed manual transmissions to front wheels or four wheels. The more recent Topaz received a major redesign for the 1988 model year. It was available in only one body style, 4-door sedan and came in trim levels such as GS, GS-AWD, LS, LS-AWD, XR5 and LTS (Luxury Touring Sedan). Back then, Topaz got power from 2.3 L I4 and 3.0 L V6 mated to 3-speed automatic and 5-speed manual transmissions.

Mercury Topaz Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Competing against the Plymouth Sundance, Mitsubishi Mirage and Dodge Shadow, Mercury Topaz was sold well and even paved the way for forthcoming. However, considering that even the youngest Topaz must be at least twenty-three years old, you need to be prepared for these common problems on it in advance:
First, engine dying ranks first among all other issues on Mercury Topaz according to the data collected from car repair statistics site And this is obviously an engine issue that every Topaz driver should attach enough importance to. In case it results in irreversible consequences, you had better diagnose and solve it as fast as you can. These are some recognizable and simple symptoms of this issue for your reference. This issue often starts with strange sounds such as squealing, whining, rattling from the engine, burning oil odor fulfilling the compartment and leaking oil on the ground; then the engine will suffer from performance issues such as running roughly, misfiring, stalling and even hard starting or inability to start. Once you notice a decrease in power and fuel efficiency as well as see a lit Check Engine Light, it is high time for you to inspect the Topaz spark plug, oil filter, air filter, oxygen sensors, engine mount, fuel pump and ignition coil.
Second, for Mercury Topaz drivers, transmission failure is also a troublesome problem since they have no idea about it. Most Topaz drivers realized this issue too late so that drivability issue results in the impotence of the whole vehicle. In order to prevent a similar situation, you need to know about these symptoms of the issue such as leaking transmission fluids on the ground, difficulty in shifting gears, indicator not matching the gear, vehicle starting in another gear or refusing to go into any gear and transmission slippage. All these could be attributed to the Topaz shift cable, transmission assembly, automatic transmission filter, automatic transmission shifter, transmission pan, and transfer case seal.
Always put performing routine maintenance on vulnerable auto parts on your Mercury Topaz as a job since it may be your lifesaver. Some auto parts such as Topaz seat belt, windshield wiper, wiper blade, fog light, headlight, antenna, and cabin air filter help a lot in creating safe and comfortable driving trip but they often work under harsh working conditions. Routine maintenance on them is essential.
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